Somadome Partner Starter Kit

Welcome to the Somadome community! So glad you’re here. This kit should be used as a reference tool for your Somadome journey. Use this kit to:

  1. Train and motivate your team to speak about and use the Somadome
  2. Find pre-approved, branded material for print and web
  3. Build excitement with various sales and marketing resources

Be sure to reference this guide at any time. For assistance or questions, you can always email your account manager directly or

Training & Marketing Collateral For Quick Reference

Resource Description Direct Link
Ready To Use Collateral Session Menus Click Here
Staff 1-2-3 Training Web-Based training for staff handling the Somadome Click Here
User Manual Everything you’d ever want to know about owning the Somadome, all in one electronic document. Click Here
Email Copy Promotional email copy that can jump-start a conversation with your contact list Click Here
Social Media Posts Get inspiration from existing community posts and drive organic traffic and become active within the Somadome community by using the proper tags and searching our standard tags for the strongest social messaging:  @somadome [IG & Twitter] @wheresthedome [FB]) Click Here
High Resolution Photos Pre-Approved high resolution photos for use on your website and social media. Click Here
Guest Experience
Training Manual
Ensure your team is prepared to successfully guide a customer through their first Somadome session. Click Here
FAQ Guide Learn more about Somadome by using our searchable question bank Click Here

Phase One: Getting Started (week of installation)

We’ve built a lot of different resources just for you, so getting started is easy.

  1. LEARN – Use our 1-2-3 training module to train your team to understand the user experience, the science behind the dome.
    1. Post-training assessment: To ensure your team members have a clear understanding of the Dome, complete this assessment template.
    2. Review: Use the assessment to identify areas for review if needed.
  2. OPERATIONSUser reference guide for the basic operational maintenance of the Somadome
    1. Dome operations and troubleshooting
    2. Opening/closing checklist
    3. Maintenance video
    4. Warranty: 1 Year for hardware and mechanical parts 90 days for OEM electronics and software.
  3. MARKET- access pre-approved marketing material
    1. 1st email blast with promo offer
    2. Brochure, session cards
    3. Testimonials

Phase Two: Sales and Marketing Campaigns (30-60 days post launch)

Sales and promotion can often be tricky, but we’ve created a simple playbook that should help get you started and into a cadence for growing your business. You will also receive hands on support via our monthly marketing calls. NOTE: The programs below are suggestions and are optional. If you have questions about anything outlined here please contact your ACCOUNT MANAGER

Staff Incentives & Employee Challenges

Bringing a new product up in conversation is simple when you have experienced the product for yourself. This no-pressure approach allows for an organic exchange between your team members and clients and can translate into increased sales. There are many different types of incentive programs. Work with your ACCOUNT MANAGER to choose the best for your team!

  1. Product knowledge challenge: Challenge the team members to try the Somadome as many times as possible in the first week.
    1. Offer tiered prizes (ex. for 5, 10, or first to complete all 20 session tracks)
    2. Offer a team prize (ex. Team lunch if they collectively complete XX sessions in the first 7 days)
    3. Allow team members to schedule one session each during their shift as a product knowledge exercise
  2. Individual commission: Offer a commission per membership or off total sales.
    1. One free session for every session sold
    2. 10% of sales
    3. Another popular service or perk
    4. Use a points system and create incentives for multiple services
  1.   Team commission: Offer a commission to the team if the monthly sales goal is achieved. Set a goal and a commission (or reward, like a team lunch etc.) that make sense for your business.
Client Calls

Make phone calls or sending personal texts to your top clients to follow up on the initial email. Personally introduce them to the Somadome, intro offer and all the great benefits.

  • Use our script to get you started. Don’t feel compelled to read directly from the script. Make it your own so the communication feels organic. Practice a few times with your co-workers for best results. 
  • Refer to the Marketing collateral for more details
Instagram Direct Messages

Instagram Direct Messages are a proven method of getting the attention of your customers. We suggest the below strategy to generate more business through Instagram. If you need help getting started, your ACCOUNT MANAGER can assist.

  1. Train the employees at the front desk how to send direct messages through your company’s Instagram Account. During down-time at the front-desk they can send 25-50 messages a day to your followers and other people posting about meditation. This can be done on a mobile device or through a laptop. Here’s how.
    1. Examples:
      1. Hi! Somadome offers a sanctuary of wellness in a world full of stress, noise and distractions. Try your first dome experience for free. (link in bio)
      2. Hi - I have to share this with you after seeing your latest post. [COMPANY NAME] now offers Somadome meditation sessions. Check our page to learn more.
  1. Be sure to check your account soon for responses. As a chat system, customers will expect a fast response.

Package the dome with other services for total wellness offerings. Check with your ACCOUNT MANAGER to make sure you allocate revenue properly for each service.

Third Party Partnerships

If appropriate, examine third party partnerships to extend your marketing reach. Consult your ACCOUNT MANAGER beforehand for best shared practices.

  1. Classpass
  2. Groupon
  3. Fever
  4. Puls’d
Marketing Webinars

Join our monthly partner webinars to review marketing strategies in more detail, find out what is working for other partners in the Somadome community and share best practices to keep your dome sales going strong.

Phase Three: More Sales and Marketing Opportunities (60-90 days post launch)

After 60 days you should have an understanding of what sales and marketing techniques work best for your community. It’s always a good idea to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t but changing things up from time to time help to increase exposure so you can and refresh brand visibility.

Texting Customers [software integrations]
  1. There are many 3rd party marketing platforms that allow you to upload your customer mobile numbers and send them a text. Try or research platforms that easily integrate with your management software/POS systems.
  2. Run reports to determine clients with 0-1 Somadome visits to determine your target group
  3. Uploaded the contact details to the texting platform
  4. Create the text you want to send

Example below:

Hi {#FirstName#}

Have you heard about Somadome? Try a 20 minute Somadome meditation and emerge renewed and restored! Click below to book.

Community Outreach

Drumming up new business can be challenging, but we’ve got a few ideas that can get you into your community.  

  1. Donate session membership to a local school auction
  2. Look into a monthly or weekly partnership with a like-minded community: mother’s group, running group, local charity event, etc.
  3. Connect with local INFLUENCERS who influence your target demographic. You shouldn’t have to pay influencers if your interests are aligned. Look for partners who value the Somadome experience and swap membership for community outreach.
Reverse Referral Marketing
  1. Creating a reverse-referral program is a great way to gain new clients while incentivizing your current customers to make sure and not keep Somadome a secret. A simple referral card can be used to gain new customers.
    1. How can a customer become a Somadome Ambassador? Offer ambassadors a free session for every referral.
    2. Work with your ACCOUNT MANAGER to tailor this program to suit your business
  1.  Zero Risks
  1. Offer clients a money back guarantee if they don't feel the benefits of Somadome after 5 sessions.

Collaborations are when you work with other local brands or influencers that result in new audiences for your company and brand. Collaborations can also help produce content for social channels and peak the interest of their followers. It’s very valuable to be talking to, and about your customers. You do not need to have the spotlight always on your company.

  1. Influencers: Engaging influencers can be as simple as asking. Often qualified influencers will be those who are an extension of what you’re already doing (health, wellness, lifestyle)
    1. Influencers should have a similar or larger follower count as you. Offer like-minded influencers complimentary services and encourage them to extend your intro offer to their communities
    2. Offer local trainers complimentary services and encourage them to extend your intro offer to their communities
    3. Offer Somadome treatments in conjunction with local wellness/fitness events
Blog Posts

Drive organic traffic to your site with enriching original content from Somadome. Educate your community on the science and benefits of meditation and the healing modalities of the Dome with blog post in e-blasts and social media advertising. Contact your ACCOUNT MANAGER for blog materials.

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