Welcome to the Somadome 1-2-3 Training Page

This 30-minute training will allow you to experience Somadome for yourself and prepare you to provide a first class Somadome experience for your customers.



Please take a few minutes to watch through each of the short videos below.


Do A Session.

Choosing A Session

Set your intention, Enter the present moment, emerge renewed.

Each journey has been carefully curated using the healing modalities of energy, light and sound to support a desired intention. There are four intention categories with five tracks in each category:

Physical Wellness: Fit, Heal, Recharge, Relax, Snooze

Mental Performance: Motivate, Create, Focus, Overcome, Succeed

Going Inward: Ascend, Inspire, Bliss, Clarity, Confidence

Attract Intentions: Perform, Love, manifest, Prosper, Reclaim


Some Suggestions:

Enhance performance (before a meeting or workout) – PERFORM, FOCUS, BLISS, SUCCEED (unguided)

Relieve tension and recover – HEAL (guided) or RECHARGE, RELAX, SNOOZE (unguided)

Looking for inspiration & clarity – try RECLAIM, ASPIRE, CLARITY (guided) or CREATE, RECHARGE (unguided)

Something more ‘spiritual’ – MANIFEST (guided) or ASCEND (unguided)

*See session card for a more detailed explanation of the healing properties for each session.


Give A Session.

1)  Define it.
Refer to section one.

2) Answer common user questions.

“How will I feel inside the dome?”
The dome is light and expansive, and you have full control of your entire experience.

“How do I use it?”
Single sessions are beneficial on their own, but we recommend regular use; i.e. three times a week or more to achieve your goals long-term.

“What will I get from regular use?”
Peak performance, enhanced training, faster recovery, heightened sense of overall well-being.

A comprehensive list of our Frequently Asked Questions can be found here for your reference.

3) User Experience
User can select their session and use the dome on their own based on their goals. Remember the four categories of Somadome sessions Physical Wellness, Mental Performance, Going Inward, and Attract Intentions.

Instruct them to get comfortable, plug in their headphones, then select session and start.

Dive Deeper (optional)

These resources are for those who would like to dive deeper on the science and benefits of Somadome to enrich both their personal experience and their guests’.

The Science And Research Of Somadome

Energy Medicine

Binaural Beats

Chromotherapy (Color Therapy)


Thank you for participating in the Somadome 1-2-3 Training! If you have any additional questions about Somadome or the training itself, always feel free to contact your account executive.

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