Setup & Operation

Somodome works well in most environments. It takes up a small amount of space (5’ x 6’) and only requires 1 plug. We’ve made Somadome easy to operate, and easy to move! Reducing your hassle and getting you started on your journey to inner peace as quickly as possible.

  • Operating the Somadome is easy and there's very little to do in terms of maintenance.

    Spa Operator
  • Our dome fits in a very small waiting area with a lot of foot traffic and background noise. We find that the user experience is not compromised.

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How Much Time

How Much Time

Easy maintenance:
Low operations:
no need for constant attendance; can be left free-standing
Supplies we offer:
- sani-wipes for antimicrobial ultrasuede -
microfiber cushions (easy to clean and wipe down)
- disposable headphone covers

User experience / what you need to do:
- dome is easy to open and close; user can do on their own
- headphones stay in the dome and session begins when user (or you) select and push play
- session ends at end of 20 minutes automatically

How Much Effort?

How Much Effort?

We offer white glove delivery and setup to handle all of your installation requirements - Typical setup 4 – 6 hours



Your Somadome comes in one large crate fully assembled. The dome and ottoman fill a 5' x 6' space, but we suggest a 10' x 10' area for ideal performance. It does not require it's own room or space.

Physical Components


Somadome Meditation Environment • Ottoman Footrest • Session Tablet • Noise-Isolating Headphones
DIMENSIONS (without Footrest)
  • length x width: 5’ x 3’4” (153 cm x 102 cm)
  • height: 4’8” (142 cm) with the dome closed
  • weight: approximately 250 lb. (113 kg)
  • length x width: 8’ x 3’4” (245 cm x 102 cm)

Delivery & Setup

  • Comes in one large crate (ideally freight elevator but not necessary)
  • Comes on a pallet and fully assembled
  • For standard size doors; must be taken apart – wider doors can be left fully assembled.
  • Easy to unhinge and re-assemble.
Spatial Requirements
  • 5’ x 6’: size of Somadome & ottoman.
  • Additional space for Marketing Platform (if used)
  • 10’ x 10’: Ideal floorprint
Ideal Location
  • Does not require its own treatment room or private space (can be in waiting room or area with some degree of shared space / background noise)
  • Ideally will face True North (for maximum efficacy for energy system – but not required)
  • Ideally feet will face away from foot traffic
  • Noise-canceling inside (shared space background noise is ok)
Power & Daily Output:
  • One standard 120 volt outlet
  • Dome is left on at all times – default setting of lights is white; takes very low power.
  • Universal power conversion available
Servicing & Support:
  • Each Somadome comes with dedicated account support
  • Servicing when needed, if needed
  • Warranty: 1 Year for hardware and mechanics
  • 90 days for OEM electronics and software.

Operating the Dome

What does training cover? 

Structured training with respect to:  

  • Somadome’s three integrated modalities 
  • Detailed information around best use practices and messaging 
  • Integration of incentives programs and marketing initiatives to encourage market success; packaging and customization add-on options 
  • Marketing collateral and plugin to Somadome’s social media community and mentions on Somadome’s website for press and media exposure 

All market partners receive access to the Somadome dashboard that includes printed and online collateral regarding marketing and messaging, brand guidelines, and standards to ensure best user experience. 

All market partners also receive video tutorials to train and certify for Somadome ‘market partner’ placement.

All market partners receive full access to Somadome's research and white papers.

Get additional resources with our Marketing Platform & get plugged in to the Somadome Community

Interested in a Somadome?

Interested in a Somadome for personal, corporate or commercial use? Send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

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