Introducing Pods for Peace

Somadome is excited to announce Pods for Peace, a philanthropic endeavor to provide inner city schools and at-risk students with a space and tools to manage stress and cope with their daily lives.

Pods for Peace is about giving kids the space to find their own inner voice. In a world filled with uncertainty the most important thing we can give anyone is what we need to first give ourselves. I saw the broken system in the inner cities initially as a witness and later as an advocate and, for a minute, as a lawyer. And I found that the only way to break the cycle is to step out of it and try to teach our kids to find themselves. Their core. Their North.

Somadome has partnered with Dr. Oz’s non-profit organization HealthCorps to integrate retired domes into school system. Students who attend HealthCorps will have access to the healing and restorative benefits of the Somadome.

Somadome plans to place pods in all 70+ HealthCorps schools as part of our pods for peace initiative.

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