Having a Somadome has far reaching benefits, find out more.

Company Information

Please read the letter from the founder and see our company timeline.

Research & Science of Somadome

The Somadome helps builds equanimity at home and in the workplace. This is known to increase productivity, improve employee retention and – make for all-a-round happier beings walking side by side. Watch these videos to connect with the benefits of regular Somadome use:

We encourage you to read our white papers about Energy Medicine, Chromotherapy and Binaural Beats. Learn more about our Research Advisory Board, Pods for Peace, Somadome in the Press, Learn more about Somadome Research Initiatives and the benefits of having a Somadome. Circulate these documents among your employees or co-workers so that when the dome arrives they are prepped and eager to rave about all the benefits it has to offer.

Somadome uses ancient and modern healing modalities to craft and curate a unique and highly effective experience. Learn more about the binaural beats, energy medicine, and chromotherapy.

The Guest Experience

Somadome is a unique and powerful experience. Healing happens on a deep and cellular level. Take a look at our User Experience Guidelines and videos on what to expect from your Somadome session.

Interested in a Somadome?

Interested in a Somadome for personal, corporate or commercial use? Send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

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