We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that you have all you need to prosper with your dome. Here are some resources to assist you when interacting with guests and inspiring employees to refer guests to use the Somadome.


Find below a comprehensive list of marketing resources to support your dome’s success.

  • Somadome Brochure – this is your go-to resource for a quick overview of dome benefits and all it has to offer.
  • Sessions Menu – keep handy sessions menus to select your intention for the session.
  • Complimentary Session Card – hand these out to guests who you want to offer a complimentary session.
  • Press Hits – keep our press hits page at the front desk for clients interested in seeing where we’ve been featured.
  • Referral Card – incentivize staff members to talk and share their Somadome experience.

Marketing Poster

The Somadome poster is helpful to hang in the dome area to attract passers-by or in the entryway to cause clients to inquire about sessions.

Brand Messaging And Marketing Guidelines

Please note to follow our Marketing Branding Guidelines when modifying Somadome original content for marketing purposes.


Please keep our company Market Imprint and Global Locations at the front desk for clients interested in seeing more information about Somadome.


The Somadome App allows you to build a community around your Somadome and connect to the global network. Find domes all over the world, get perks on new products and services, and learn about sessions and modalities.

Learn more about SomaLife – Curating a Lifestyle of Mindfulness.


” Looking into yourself can actually change your entire health outcome. Stress is such a vital element of overall health. We’ve had a number of athletes that have come out and said they feel totally different and they’ve seen immediate changes in their performance.” – Sports Academy MD

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