“Somadome’s mission is to make this world a more peaceful place by providing a sanctuary of wellness that replenishes the mind and body.”

Somadome Core Team

  • Sarah Attia
    Sarah Attia Founder & CEO
  • Ben Duell Fraser
    Ben Duell Fraser Logistics & Operations
  • Tania Vasquez
    Tania Vasquez Accounts & Marketing

Manufacturing Partners

  • Land America
    Land America Manufacturing
  • Mod Fab Group
    Mod Fab Group Manufacturing Partner
  • Andrew Lindsay
    Andrew Lindsay Field Support


  • Gilles Attia
    Gilles Attia Chairman of Board
  • Juerg Frefel
    Juerg Frefel Engineering
  • Josh Reynolds
    Josh Reynolds Strategic Messaging


  • Charity Eilering
    Charity Eilering Accounting
  • Kevin Camonayan
    Kevin Camonayan Photography & Video
  • Parlour Productions
    Parlour Productions PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEO
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