Pods for Peace Mission:

To provide equal access to a space and tool for mindfulness that enables a more peaceful society.

We believe that a safe space for meditation and stress-relief should be accessible to everyone, and strive to put Somadomes in the places that need them most. Whether you are a mother with multiple jobs that needs a quiet place to restore, a veteran returning home that must decompress, or a child searching for a place to sort through your emotions, finding our own inner voice is a Universal right, and calling.

Somadome has partnered with Dr. Oz’s nonprofit, HealthCorps, to offer inner city schools and high-risk teens a space to manage stress and cope with their daily lives. HealthCorps integrated a Somadome into their school system to test efficacy and response. The benefits were inspiring.

Somadome plans to place pods in all 70 + HealthCorps schools as part of our Pods for Peace larger philanthropic mission.

American Legion High School

In 2012, HealthCorps.org, the wellness educational program founded by Dr. Oz, welcomed our first ‘alpha’ Somadome prototype as part of its in-school curriculum at American Legion High School in Sacramento, California.  American Legion is a continuation school serving many of the most challenged students in Northern California. The results were astounding. After spending just 20 minutes in the dome, students reported a positive and immediate impact on their moods. Prior to going into the Somadome, students reported their moods as hopeless, anxious, depressed, frustrated and bored. After their session, the same students reported their moods as inspired, happy, confident, and hopeful.

YWCA Metropolitan Chicago is proud to partner with Somadome who is changing lives with an innovative approach to meditation and healing.

As we support women moving from surviving to thriving, we look forward to bringing the wellness benefits of Somadome to our local community and being partners in peace!
-Dorri McWhorter, Chief Executive Officer, YWCA Metropolitan Chicago

In their own words

“When I first saw the Somadome, I thought that it wouldn’t work because it kinda looked like a sofa. When my session was over I immediately felt less stress and more relaxed than before… I can be more concerned on my work.

I think more schools should have the privilege of having a Somadome because it helps students concentrate during school hours and might even help them to do better in class”

– Kevin from Ted K. Tajima High School

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