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Somadome is a unique technology-enabled meditation experience for novices and advanced Mind-Body-Spirit practitioners alike.

  • I cannot believe that I was as comfortable as I was once inside. I didn't want to get out - and it was amazing that inside such a small space, I felt expansiveness that felt like infinity.

    End User

A sanctuary of wellness in a world full of stress, noise and distractions.

With everything going in our lives, sometimes we all need a safe place to regroup, refocus and recuperate. Somadome is that safe place, giving people the extra space and guidance they need to quiet their minds and reap the benefits of meditation. Choose from one of eight customized, 20-minute guided meditation sessions, all while comfortably immersed in a dome of light.

The Science of Somadome.

The dome structure gives the illusion of infinite space, immersing you into an illuminated pod of colors that coordinate with your session goals.

Using colors and light to heal is an age-old technique, premised on the idea that the colors of the spectrum of visible light have specific beneficial health properties. Contemporary research shows that light helps regulate and control the autonomic nervous system and production of melatonin and cortisol, two hormones critical to health and wellness. With the option to select a single color of light or cycle through the whole spectrum, the Somadome provides an environment conducive to the gentle and positive health effects of being immersed in light.

Somadome transforms EMF frequencies that are out of harmony with our bodies’ natural electromagnetic signals.

We are constantly inundated with unnatural electromagnetic fields and wave forms created by human-made electronics. These EMF frequencies and wave forms can disrupt the natural frequencies of healthy cells and organs and create pain, fatigue, feelings of misalignment and low energy. Somadome incorporates the use of Biosyntonie ceramic tiles, which use a proprietary design to transform these unnatural waveforms into forms more like those found in nature.

Binaural Beats

The Somadome uses binaural beats in guided and unguided tracks to achieve beneficial states associated with your session goals.

Binaural beats use varying inaudible frequencies to help guide our minds into brain states achieved during meditation. Just as Tibetan monks use singing bowls, gongs, and other instruments to help access meditative states, modern technology has perfected these binaural beat frequencies, making their benefits obtainable to anyone searching for peace and mental clarity.

Our Mission is to make the world a more peaceful place by providing a sanctuary of wellness that replenishes the mind and the body.

Interested in a Somadome?

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